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Ghost Tree provides training programmes that equip managers with the skills and knowledge to identify the latent but hidden strengths and aptitudes of others in the workplace. 

Our face to face training, supported by online courses, will give you the ability to discover the presence of hitherto unknown (or unnoticed) traits of the people around you to help benefit your business.

The training courses are designed to provide the ‘edge’ needed when looking to improve team and business performance, manage change programmes or recruit new talent.

Based in Gloucestershire, Ghost Tree provides training to both local and international clients.

Our courses and workshops give you insights through providing the physical and psychological tools revealing deeper personality and behavioural characteristics than might otherwise be evident in day-to-day interaction.

Essentially, the conventional process of assessment is to identify skills, knowledge, experience and attitudes, whereas Ghost Tree takes these several stages further and aims to maximise others’ potential and therefore their likely future contribution to business success.

The courses look at communication skills, behaviour and relationship patterns as well as the skills and abilities to align with the needs of your business.

Training With Ghost Tree


Identify the personality traits of candidates that are most likely to make them a success in the role, beyond the normal qualifications, experience and surface personality aspects on display in an interview.  Our process is completely objective and not open to the subjective bias that can creep into many personality assessment tools.


Replacing senior staff/managers when they retire or leave.  If the intention is to promote internally there are issues to watch out for, as a good Number Two will not necessarily grow into a good Number One.  There is a danger of promoting a competent person to a level where they become at worst incompetent, or at best, a weaker version of the previous job holder, perhaps lacking in vision and drive.



The necessary restructuring of management teams – who to keep and who to let go.  It is often difficult for the senior management of the dominant company to make truly objective choices as, sometimes consciously (or unconsciously) they can tend to favour their own people, rather than selecting the best suited to a particular role.


Finding the best solution to avoid or correct personality/culture clashes and ensuring an appropriate mix, not just of skills, but of natural leaders, creative people and logical thinkers to obtain the optimum results – a happy, functional and productive team.


When members of staff are regularly off from work with a different excuse; quite often it can be found that there is a psychological or physical factor that is not known to the manager.  By recognising some of these key physical and psychological issues that could be affecting the member of staff, a support network and/or referral to a specialist can be put into place.

The factors above are generally accepted to be some of the key issues in any organisation where problems can emerge, however, the following list can also be helped through training with Ghost Tree.





Ghost Tree Courses and Tuition

Whether hiring the best people, identifying or promoting those with potential to do more, or simply managing performance in the workplace, Ghost Tree has a selection of courses to help reveal the (sometimes hidden) characteristics that will help the effectiveness of our decision-making.

If you or colleagues would like to gain new insights into the ways that individuals and teams can optimise their contribution to the organisation and at the same time gain personal benefit, we would be pleased to help you achieve that outcome.

These 2 Workshops are examples of what we offer and we can also deliver bespoke training to cover your requirements.

Course can be supplemented with online training

Managing and Selecting People in the Workplace – The Essential Toolkit and Training Course for Managers

The Essential Toolkit and Training Course for Managers
This is a broad spectrum 1-day workshop enabling you to understand behavioural characteristics of the people around you; insights into their motivations and potential for upskilling, their organisational ability and clarity of thinking.

The training and techniques that are taught here can be supplemented by an online learning programme and will be available for access by all who attend the workshop.

Document Examining and Signature Verification


Forgery is not as uncommon as one might think or hope and in fact is prevalent not only with wills but also with mortgage applications, life insurance policies, land deeds etc.

This workshop offers excellent potential for greater profitability through minimization of fraudulent losses.

If you work in Insurance, Accountancy, Investment, Legal, Payday Loan, Mortgage, Banking organisations then this workshop could be a must for you

Please contact us for an exploratory conversation.

About Christina

Ghost Tree is run by Christina Strang, who is the main tutor.

Christina has been supporting businesses and their development of people for over 18 years and has a worldwide reputation for the incisive profiling she provides for organisations and individuals.

Prior to that, she spent 30 years in business with international and multi-national organisations and SME’s in different roles, and as a national business owner herself.

She deploys a wide range of techniques and tools to assess not just current performance in the workplace but on personal and team roles that can enhance or hinder an organisation’s performance.

As a popular speaker at business events, she has addressed audiences around the world and is also in demand internationally as a coach and mentor to individuals as well as management teams.

More recently, she has developed a packaged range of training tools to provide permanent support to people at work and on-line access to a whole programme that teaches others to acquire the skills and knowledge that she possesses herself.

Clients have included the MOD, Liverpool Victoria Insurance, Juno Moneta Wealth Management, TATA Steel, Silverwood Books, Goats International, Tyco International and Ocean Media.



Christina is an international speaker on resource management, upskilling and behavioural patterns. She could be available to speak at your next event or conference subject to negotiation.


The knowledge that I learnt from Christina at Ghost Tree has helped me with identifying certain aptitudes and skills in my workforce that hitherto we had not been privy to.  This has helped us during the recent take-over of our business. Her analysis was invaluable and her assessment of new team members was spot-on.

I highly recommend her, her training is exceptional.

RK, MD Engineering Company, New Zealand

Ghost Tree as a service provider had been recommended by a business associate as having the ability to improve our absence management, and personnel satisfaction.

We under took various instruction in management staff relations. The results were amazing, it highlighted, in a friendly and professional manner,where we had underachieved ourselves as management and leaders of our team.

Applying theses techniques has improved the atmosphere within the work place, and added much value to our bottom line..

I would heartily recommend Ghost Tree without reservation. Tremendous value for money.

HR Director, Canvas Works

Thank you very much for the very engaging guest lecture to my forensic accounting students. The lecture materials (slides and activities) were research informed.

Your interactions with the students invited them to apply the knowledge and skill to varieties of real-life cases. It was a perfect mix of fun, rigour and challenge – just the way I wanted it.

Charles Acheampong Afriyie
Senior Lecturer in Accounting & Finance
University of Gloucester

We asked Christina from Ghost Tree to join us for a Career and Development event to give a talk to students about personal development and the pursuit of career goals. Christina offered excellent insight towards improving oneself and personal behaviour in the workplace. We were very pleased with the engagement, level of interest, and positive feedback from the audience and we will definitely be having her back in the future.

The Goats Club, International Students House

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