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Signature Verification

About The Workshop

Over £1bn worth of cases throughout the UK has been reported in fraudulent claims.  Raising awareness of small give-aways in handwriting verification could help with early detection of potentially fraudulent activities in relation to your business matrix, and helping clients.   

“….forgery is the making of a false document in order that it may be used as genuine”.

Forgery is not as uncommon as one might think or hope and in fact is prevalent not only with wills but also with mortgage applications, life insurance policies, land deeds etc. 

Training to be a qualified document examiner takes many years at University; this 3-hour workshop however will give you a basic understanding of what to look for in document examining and signature verification to help you decide when and if to pass the paperwork on to a specialist.  The workshop will give you a far better knowledge of what is involved in signature verification – the signs to look for, the features to check, and what information is needed to ensure a more robust examination.


  1. To train your staff in recognising a potentially forged signature
  2. Training staff in the basic skills to prove a forgery. 


A combination of interpersonal and visual presentation material, using known and proven forgeries combined with controlled group discussion and hands on analysis. 


  1. Early detection of potentially fraudulent activities in relation to your business matrix
  2. Increase in staff skills and consequently a greater sense of self-worth and improved morale.
  3. Potential for greater profitability through minimization of fraudulent losses
  4. Heightened awareness by staff and management of the use of graphological expertise in the business environment 

I hope these details are of interest and look forward to hearing from you.

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