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Document Examining and Signature Verification

About The Workshop

Forgery is not as uncommon as one might think or hope and in fact, is prevalent not only with wills but also with mortgage applications, life insurance policies, land deeds etc. 

Minimise the risk of fraudulent activity by learning how to identify a potential forged signature.

With this training, you are more likely to be aware of the potential for fraudulent documents and forged signatures.  You will learn what to look for; some of the methods used for forgery, changes in the writing, and aspects of it discussed.  Being aware of this will enable you and your team to recognise the proclivity for this in your business.

This is a 3-hour introductory workshop to help people primarily in the legal, accountancy and financial world to have a more informed understanding of what is involved in identifying alleged or potential simulated signature but can also be used to assist in identifying handwritten poison pen letters.  Training to be a qualified document examiner takes many years at University; this workshop is not designed to turn you into a professional document examiner/graphologist but to highlight areas which could be an indication of potential fraud which could then be passed on to a professional examiner.

This workshop offers excellent potential for greater profitability through minimisation of fraudulent losses.

If you work in Insurance, Accountancy, Investment, Legal – Solicitor, Lawyer etc, Payday Loan, Mortgage, or Banking organisations then this workshop is a must for you.

Clients have included:- Tata Steel, Tyco International, Solicitors, Private Investigators and many others.

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